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PUBG Full Review


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Aimbot 10/10

The aimbot I am very impressed by. The humanization settings, hitpoints, FOV and much more literally made me so happy when I saw it for such an amazingly priced software. I threw together a config in a few minutes and only had to go back once or twice to adjust things and check on the forums to understand some parts. Overall, great work the only thing I can advise you to do is read up on how to make a legit config there are posts all over the forums on how to.

ESP 10/10

Allowing you to change colors while insight or behind walls, seeing what weapons they have, health, name tags and more the ESP doesn't need much more. I loved my experience with the ESP and honestly would pay for that alone if I wasn't bad, *cough* PUBG ESP is worth it.

Radar 10/10

I don't fucking know shit abt radar and I never use them on cheats. If you're into radars you'll probably be into this one you weirdo so 10/10.

Misc 6/10

The adding of friends as well as the bind manager are some basic misc functions, but I would love to see some more functions added to this category. I do not know if it will add a higher chance of detection but features like no bullet drop, etc would be nice.

Readiness 10/10

Even if you have absolutely no experience in cheating you will completely understand this cheat. Its not hard to config and even if you do run into some issues the forums have your back. The cheat is basically a two click (with sign in) and you're ready to go. Just considering you don't have to do crazy ass things to get the cheat running was really a nice change.

Menu 10/10

Clean simple to the point menu. Almost reminds you of some gay ass Huzuni type shit in Minecraft from years ago, but those menus honestly were the best.

Safety 10/10

Now I'm not gonna bullshit you mainly because I do not fucking know how great the security is due to me only using it a couple days, but from feedback and what I see within the community it's really a safe software to use. Many use it on their mains from what I've read up on and I'm not afraid to either.


Total 9.4/10

Easy to setup, easy to use, free spoofer (EAC and BattlEye), cheap.. why wouldn't you buy?

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