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Labour of love


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I found this website because someone linked the hwid spoofer and I was using it for apex. But when I saw the features of the pubg cheat I had to give it a go.

I haven't played pubg in like 10 months but just looking at the features I thought I'd need to give it another go. AND I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED.


Firstly, I titled this "Labour of love" because clearly the dev(s) have put hundreds of hours into making this not only undetected (bypassing pubg various ACs) but also with an plethora of features too. In my pubg playing, I've probably used about 8-10 different cheat providers and this is clearly the best in the history of my usages. And here's why:


1) The level of customisation is quite frankly the best I've seen in all my hacking years (~15 years). 

  • The ESP keybinding system is remarkable
  • The UI is incredible. Very sleek and professional and easy to navigate.
  • The Colour Manager is perfect in assisting to stratify things
  • The ability to save/load settings is very useful

2) The aimbot is very good. 

  • With the amount of variables one needs to consider - gun, distance, velocity of target, bullet speed, bullet drag, bullet drop. Last time I played, coders were having great difficulty making aimbots that are effective above 250m. But this one  done wonders.
  • Given the spectate system, replays and report system. Raging has kinda died and I've always played legit. The smooth aim and humanisation aspect also is brilliant.

3) The ESP is good. I've used ESP that shows like a 2d sprite of the loot which could be a slight improvement on this. But how things are now are good. Given the bind manager. Toggling ESP is incredibly satisfying.

As someone who has limited coding knowledge and has always made suggestions in my head as to how cheats can be improved. I'm glad to have found a cheat that has gone far above and beyond the normal remit of coders and created a product that is truly, truly wonderful to use. This must have taken so long to get to this stage and I personally appreciate all the hard work that went into it.

I'm a moderator for another popular p2c  sitethat doesn't provide pubg and after using this. I'd probably have to tell them not to waste their time.

Oh and its stream proof? Wow. GJ.

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