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Where can I get configs?


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for the pubg settings i had to manually filter out (blacklist) all the clutter items in item esp such as less then 3x scopes, pistols, smg, shotguns, and ARs (etc) - this way only the SR and flare guns remain in red. this process is a bit painful because you must type the name of each item you want blocked, and capitlization matters (but parentheses contents can be ignored)

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it is simple enough to make ESP profiles / configs . it takes a few minutes to make the profile yourself during a game. 

i do not fully understand how the white list works. gotta experiment a bit. 

some ideas for profiles :

1) flare guns, silencers, level 3 gear

2) SR only and scopes

3) all helmets and all vests

4) Lvl 2 helmets and vests



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