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CSGO - Review


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So the legit but is pretty good u can go from completly unnoticable to blatant with it and u can configure alot.
Depending on how much time u spend u can create a config for u that is perfect and can get u to global no doubt.

The Pros:

  1. very precisely configurable
  2. works once u get used to it
  3. many diffrent options (smokecheck, hotboxes, target switch delay etc)
  4. very strong while still pretty overwatch safe
  5. configurable for each weapon type

It has no options rage

The Visuals are pretty decent

The Pros:

  1. Sound ESP something i havent seen before but is fucking amazing is the sound esp
  2. it just works!
  3. many options to toggle change and customize

Not much to say here tbh

The Cons:

  1. The skinchanger is very nice but i wish there was a random skin button since i am sometimes to lazy to select every single gun individually
  2. the knifes (mostly talon and butterfly) sometimes have weird bugs where when u inspect it attacks or completly glitches out and zooms into ur face or something

The Pros:

  1. it just works!
  2. many options but mostly the standard stuff

And thats about it nice and short review and honest opinion about the cheat.

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