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New Anticheat for Rust!


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[–]garryjnewmanGarry 146 Punkte vor 2 Tagen* 

We have been in contact with Battleye. We are impressed, and they do chime with our thoughts on anticheat.

Like the whole point of paying for an anticheat solution is to have them find and prevent the cheat in a timely matter. We shouldn't have to have our support staff running around servers finding and manually banning hackers, our staff shouldn't be finding and reporting cheats. The anticheat firm should be all over that - because it's their one job. It's what we pay for. We shouldn't be detecting hackers then waiting for a week to ban them in waves - that doesn't work for Rust, the damage is already huge. Banning needs to be proactive, every day, twice a day. These are things that Battleye seem to get.

That all said, EAC have been good to us. They've come a long way in the last 2 years, and they've been very accommodating to our feedback. So far every time we've considered swapping to Battleye they've redeemed themselves in some way.

We should be really clear too, that we don't know that Battleye would be any better. It might be worse, it might mean 6 months of total rampant cheating before it gets back on it. It might mean incompatibilities with a bunch of stuff. We also don't know that cheating is any worse now than it has been - you might be getting a false impression because the bans aren't being posted to the twitter anymore (that's on my to fix list).

So the bottom line is yeah cheating sucks. It's always gonna suck. This is PC gaming. We'd love for EAC to kick ass and prevent all cheats, but they probably won't, but Battleye probably wouldn't either.


Interesting news for Rust!



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  • facepunch has been considering battleye instead of EAC, but EAC has improved time and time again
  • They want to ban cheaters the day the cheat is detected instead of waiting to ban in waves 
  • They have not made a decision to switch to battleye
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38 minutes ago, Klasss said:

I don't think that battleye is that more effective than EAC. Arma 3 and Dayz haven't big cheat communities.So its easy for them to ban the only publics cheats on the market.

Right. While they are searching for signatures private cheats will be out of reach.

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44 minutes ago, LiveMChief said:

BattlEye is better then EAC, if they went to BE I doubt RH will release the Rust cheat publically. They would not be able to hide from BE. No one can.

i'm doubt about this. in russia we have around 4 cheats that supporting BattlEye games and so far no any problems. also i know cheat that in P2C sales and everyone can purchase it. they are also works without problems. But EAC in RUST was detected all RU cheats even in private sales. also this EAC works pretty good in other games.

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