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Rust VAC ban question


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Hey guys, new to this site, just signed up today.

So I had 2k hours in Rust, and made the dumb ass decision to use an AHK cheat in Rust. 2 weeks later, I receive a game ban. Not knowing anything on how to get around being banned, I just changed my IP, made a new steam account, and bought Rust again. Now, I am able to play on any server except for Rustafied servers. The issue is, I used to only play on Rustafied servers, and I would like to find a way to get back on.

Everytime I just redownload steam, make a new account and rebuy Rust, I can get on a Rustafied server for about an hour, and then I get banned for Ban Evasion. So my question is, if I buy a new SSD, remove my old SSD, and install a fresh copy of Windows, Steam and Rust, do you think ill be able to play again on Rustafied? Obviously I would change my IP too.

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