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For first-time users (CS:GO)


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Hi this is my review for BlackSector's CS:GO cheat:

At first I was sceptical about this cheat and wasn't too sure how I would fair. After getting used to it and adjusting my preferred settings to my liking, I was completely happy and left in awe at how outstandingly legit this cheat can look!

If you are a first time cheater that is fine this cheat will work for you, though if you are a player who wants a cheat which looks 100% legit, this cheat is exactly the one you need!


9.0/10 - the settings can be overwhelming to new players 


10/10 - have not used it a lot, though it looks perfectly fine


10/10 - amazing esp features, very detailed and you can tell it was worked on


10/10 - Though limited (at the moment I guess), I think the additions are fun

UI layout: 

10/10 - Clean, slick and easy to use, the ability to save your settings and load settings so easily is remarkable

Skin Changer:

10/10 - fun to use

Overall: I'd rate this cheat a 9.5/10 because of it's versatility 

(I have left out some features, since I don't want to spoil every detail)

tl;dr: if you are looking for a rage cheat I wouldn't suggest this cheat, even though I am certain it can destroy many other cheat programs (in that case, go right ahead!). The only reason for this is because this cheat is very secure, and playing with legit settings is remarkably safe so by rage cheating, you wouldn't be doing yourself a favour unless you want to rage cheat.

I would also like to note the professionalism that the staff have with assisting users etc

- Regards, post1t

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