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I've been a member of BlackSector for just about a year now. I have bought the CS:GO Full hacks a few times now and I can say they're great. The in-game menu itself is very thorough and everything seems to work great. On top of that, before you inject, it shows the status (detected/undectected) of the hack which let's you know that you're always safe.

Great hacks and the BlackSector team is great also. Looking forward to the Rust hacks to release.


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3 hours ago, w784242945 said:

Hi Sorry to steal the forum from you~ I've been using this cheat for 1 month and everything went extremely well, 10 out of 10. And I just wanna ask a simple question that I'm now reaching lvl 21 and I wonder if I'm able to use the cheats in primary or priority ranking? That ranking system requires you to reach lvl21? I forget the name of it. Thank you!

You can ask your question here https://blacksector.solutions/forum/49-csgo-discussion/

and post your feedback here https://blacksector.solutions/forum/23-feedbacks/


But to answer your question, yes you can use the cheat in prime matchmaking.

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