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CS:GO hack review


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I've never been much for hacking in games... I used to mostly spend time ragehacking in tf2 when i was bored and it was something i got bored of fast. However, after constant recommendations by my good friend, thebiglad500 I finally caved and bought BlackSector for CS:GO to see what the fuss was about. 

After a few days of using it, all i can say is wow, this hack is superb. As someone who knows bugger all about hacking, i can say that the options and interface of this hack were extremely intuitive and i learnt the ropes very very quickly. In addition, the functionality of the hack is top notch. Options work as advertised and the hack is reliable and has yet to be detected on my account and my friends account. My friend has been using it for months too, which really boosts my confidence when using it. I feel confident that i wont be subject to a VAC ban while using this.

So, it's User friendly, functional and undetected!!!

My issues with the hack are really too minor to post and probably have more to do with my idiocy rather than the hack itself.

Overall, i cannot recommend this enough! It's reliable, user friendly, highly functional with some nice features and of course it's undetected! I plan on staying with blacksector as i'm extremely impressed with what i've seen so far and while i wish there were a few ragehack options for casual games, i understand that this may be out of the question for this hack, considering that it's more for legit play. I can say that buying this and fucking about with it changed my stance on hacking in games and i've gotta say, it's been a blast!

10/10 - Masterclass!

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