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I live in Korea Park
I also joined the membership here.
I want to use the PUBG cheat
I do not know what to buy.
I read what you told me.

To apply for the PUBG cheat, please create a thread in the application area, containing the following information:

Your full name, it must match your Paypal.
How you found BlackSector (via google, youtube, from a friend, etc ...)
Attach a scan of your government issued ID, passport or driver license. (It is necessary to verify that you have the owner of the Paypal account.
Please note that your forum email must match your Paypal email. As a precaution, we will only accept Paypal. If you use a different paypal email for purchase, your payment will be refunded and your account permanently banned.

Do not create more than 1 application or you will be denied. Do not contact the staff regarding PM regarding your application.

Your application is confidential, only you and the administrators can view it.

By the way, who do you have to give me information about?
I also want to buy PUBG Cheat quickly.

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