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New Rust EAC


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Hey everyone just transferred over from Unknowncheats, just wanted to get to the bottom of me suddenly not being able to bypass the HWID bans Rust has given me since the Thursday update. I was wondering if any of you guys are having the same issue or know of a spoofer that works around it (I've tried Breeze Spoofer and TechHelpr's). Which have worked in the past but not since Thursday.

Any help would be appreciated :D

Healthy Dad#7372

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Hey, a few things you can do:

1- Uninstall Rust with Revo Uninstaller. This remove all registrys of Regedit but just in case have a loot there's no registrys of Rust, Stem, Facepunch or eac.

2- Change your computer name and windows product ID.

3- Change IP and MAC.

4- Encrypt the ssd or hhd you have rust installed.

I think they tagging cpuid now. If you want to have a look maybe you will find a cpuid changer. The new hwid bans they ban you in like 20 min.

This is what I do when I'm HWID banned.

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