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PUBG Hack Review


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Hello everyone, this is my little review of hack for PUBG!

First of all, I really hope that developer will take a look of this thread and fix some features of the hack.

Let me start from the worst part:
1) ESP for people / cars is 10/10 good job guys. But for loot? Well, ESP for loot doesn't even deserve 1 of 10 points. Don't get me wrong, ESP for players is perfect, boxes and healthbar + distance are good things to have, but... ESP for loot is absolutely terrible, it's some kind of sado masochism. Why? Well, first of all, when I turn on ESP for "Equipment", I don't need to see T-shirts, Pants, Shoes, Glasses and other useless stuff. Alright, let's imagine that it's impossible to remove those items from the ESP, but... If we compare it with the other hacks, which are cheaper and probably are already detected aswell, then we will see one interesting thing. There is a simple feature called "Dividing 1,2,3-level items, high rated guns by the colors, font sizes etc.. So, for example, level-3 items are red, level-2 items blue, etc. In this hack - it's impossible to remove the junk from your screen, it's sad.. Very, very sad and I really hope that Senior Developer will fix it asap. You can say that I am too rude and I won't argue, makes no sense. Let's imagine that this is the beginning of the match, you are in.. Let's say in Yasnaya Polyana, well. And there are 5-6 more guys right there. You come into some building. The first thing you have to do is to find some gun, and helmet+armour right? Haha, not in that case, guys. If you turn on Equipment + Weapons ESP in the big city - then say goodbye to your eyes, you are gonna rip them off. Better choice is to land on some small houses and look for some equipment there. Would make more sense, honestly. But to be honest, after playing 30+ games with this ESP I addicted to it and don't hate this so much. But any newcomer who just tries it for the first time will get scared of it.

2) Aimbot: 9/10 Really good job, I enjoy it and everyone does, it's one of the best aimbots ever. It looks legit on your demo's, and if you set it up correctly, then noone will notice anything on the killcam. I am very satisfied with it.

3) Inject: 10/10. Injecting the hack is really simple and I have never had any crashes or freezes, thank you for it, it's a huge advantage.

So finally BlackSector PUBG Hack is one of the best hacks for this game I've ever seen. And if you fix the ESP, then you'll have literally the best hack for PUBG. Thank you for the attention!

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37 minutes ago, SimpleSimon said:

Are you from the future? Hack been down for 1month. Where did you buy your time machine?

If the hack was down for 1 month and is not for sale at the moment, it doesn't mean that nobody is testing it atm. Same with the Rust hack

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Nice honest review and I know exactly what you mean, I had one older cheat on h1z1 and it had same problem with items ESP, everything with same color and u couldn't select items for example only weapons and helmets, now its a bit improved and selected with different colors (at least something) :D I don't even know if it is possible to make cheat that improved and still undetected and safe, maybe it's better if it stays simple and safe you know... but the biggest issue as you said is that you land in big city, and you have shit tons of colors around you and you can't even spott that right thing you want loot :D (and fps drops) so sometimes is better to play with just players ESP I guess

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