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Dear Users,

since there are so many questions about PUBG & so many rumors about it, i decided to make a small info thread.

PUBG the game got a big userbase and a big popularity, the demand on cheats is very big.
But battleye is making the world hard for coders, the prices are high but fair.
There is a big work behind a PUBG cheat and bigger work to hide it from the Anticheat.

Thats why the Team decided to make the cheat invite only.

How to get a invite?

That's the big question.
Be a active user, be fair and help others.
The decision is going take some time after the hack is ready and not everyone can be accepted.

The Prices are 200€ for the first Month and 35€ for every following.

Please stop spamming the chatbox with this question!


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