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Hi, I had used many free fortnite cheats till i heard ab BlackSector's one. I was really impressed by it because i was expecting just few basic features. Let's start with ratings

Aimbot 9/10 - Haven't tried playing with legit settings yet but rage with that aimbot is soo funny. You are pretty much never going to miss any bullet. I couldn't find any negatives about the aimbot beside the fact that i can't set it up to work with sniper rifles too. It might be a bug or i am just too dumb to make it work xD

ESP/Visuals 9/10 - Works smoothly and has a lot of options. The only negative is that cheat doesn't have chest & drop esp atm but i think that in near future that will change. 

Misc 10/10 - No spread & No recoil - These 2 features are op af and i can't even rate them because i would have to give it 11/10

Radar 10/10 - Clear view and has some nice features fex. changing box's size 

Overall rating 9.5/10 - That's the best cheat you can possibly buy atm and has a lot of features i wouldn't expect. Remember that fortnite is a brand new game and cheat in that state is a great sign. I haven't been banned once using it and i rage everytime i launch the game soo it's rly safe to use. Community is really nice and very very active. I can see staff online pretty much 24/7 and responding to questions very quickly. Not going to rate color manager & crosshair selector because they are working as intended and there is nothing i can add about them. 



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