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Fortnite Review (Testimonials)


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Hello guys, I have only been a member of this community for a little bit over a week, but in those few days I think I can give a full and honest review for the Fortnite cheat. 

1. Website: 7/10

The forum and cheat menu have a very clean and modern design that was easy to navigate and use.

2. Visual: 9/10

The cheat come with Player, healt, armor, distance, are very clean, highly configurable with features such as ESP color and Distance. It basically have everything that you should expect from a customizable esp. 

3. Weapon Modification: 9/10

The cheat also include No Recoil, No spread... And much more. They all work perfectly and turn you into a killing machine. But I do hope that they add configurable recoil and spread rather than just No Recoil and No Spread. (exemple AutoShoot :D)

4. Price: 10/10
The price is very very very reasonable compare to other provider that ask for extreme price for the first month of the cheat. 


I have been cheating for more than 6 years and I think this is one of the best cheat provider for Fortnite. 

Thanks for Developper. Bye, Own


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