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  1. The amount of code does not nessecarily indicate the complexity of the features/security, neither does the feature list or appearance of the menu. How02's cheat features probably have far less code than the security mechanism surrounding them. You can have a cheat with a simple box esp with 50k lines of code that has nothing to do with the box esp and it doesnt make the product simpler. The cheat features itself are the easiest part of creating a cheat for pubg, i can do that and have done it before and i am not even a half decent programmer. The real difficulty is reversing the anticheat meth
  2. you buy the cheat from store (if its available, which is only the case when its undetected on the cheat-status page) and once your account is upgraded to premium you download the loader and start the cheat.
  3. holyraider

    we got em

    I don't know you dude, but why would you resurrect a 4 month old off-topic Thread XD
  4. how do you have a debugger running on your machine without knowing what a debugger is? Debug Engines dont just install and start themselves
  5. go to Order, you can probably click "pay now" for the old invoice
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