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Can we say that our Esp is currently clean and tidy, no trembling really safe? At least a lot of banned may be because of this problem ... as long as the invitation can be bought? What is trust? How much are our controls? At least give us a definite answer, we do crazy? Still safe? Can we guarantee that there is no prohibition? If not, then there are some people who have been cheated by sales, who do not want to be fucking play, price? € 400? 500 euros? A month! Sales should be clear, should not change at any time, no one wants to pay for lies!O.o

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I think the purchase does not need to trust, money can make people trust? Some people do this, trustworthy people, I think at least the customer at least 2 to 3 months has been using our products is credible, if the money can be trusted, then Be will not buy you cheating? This is my hypothesis.

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