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[CSGO] Tweet's Review


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PRICE - 4.5/10 You can buy for this money better softFailFish
Aimbot(Legitbot)  - 9.7/10 Its pretty good legitbot
Trigger - 10/10 I not using this
Skin Changer - 7/10 Working good but hard to change skins
ESP - 4/10 Visuals is bad and i really not like this style
MISC - 7/10 - Bhop default , on auto pistol cannot change delay and for that i give 7
Overall - 5/10 Price is very high for that. Where is Chams And Sound ESP? there is no rage and for legit this 2 function is needed. 
sorry for negative and my "england" is bad =DD

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24 minutes ago, UnstucK said:

Too bad to 5/10 the hack because out of XX features it lacks two that you personally want.

But that's your review we respect that, I answered with details in your other thread


Its my review and this 2 feature is main for me so, if you want to read me review its 5/10

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I personally think the visual style is fine, better than some ugly boxes I've seen, I agree there could be a few more visual options but that's not really needed/high priority as of now. Unstuck and how02 have been working on multiple game cheats recently so chams and sound esp hasn't been a high priority. As for the price, the cheat is really HQ and decent and easily worth it's buck imho, the cheat's security is also great, being completely undetected on vacs current modules. I doubt you will find anything as HQ for 12 euros. However it's your review but just because it's missing those 2 features doesn't make it a bad cheat by any means.



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