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Does this cheat gets you banned??


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I used to play with this cheat for 2-3 months. My 2 accounts still alive. 
But. i' don't play since last month. so. gonna ask the same thing under your post. 

Last detection? 

Probably never detected since start. come on. who can beat RH :P

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21 minutes ago, Noobs1012 said:

How do i buy the cheat at cause when i dont store and i see type of games i select one and say put money amount so idk doesnt give alot option lol 

I'm really sorry about the delay.

I'm doing like this https://i.gyazo.com/1e8b17126fd29232ed2589184143546f.mp4 then i'll pay with paypal cuz thats the only option for me at the moment.

PS:I Don't know if i can send Image/Gif.. so.. admins. if its against your rules i will delete it as soon as possible. Sorry bout that.

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