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Hello blacksector team.

After using your cheat for 3 months over different period of times i have to say i love it over alot of other cheats, but there is one feature missing which is KEY to a legit-cheat...


Many people (including me) use this feature on different cheats, which help alot when doing legit-play, and for me its a defining feature of a good "legit" cheat.


Here is an example of chams if anyone has never heard of them: Image result for chams


A while ago when i refreshed my sub i created a thread about this exact issue, and was assured that they would be added, but still not: https://blacksector.solutions/topic/274-csgo-chams/#comment-1984

I love the developers of this cheat, and it has always been my go-to for recommendations to new players, and i really appreciate UnStuck and other peoples deveotion, but i was wondering if this is still planned or it is being pushed to the side for the G-Mod cheat and Rust, and if not, is there an ETA i can look forward to?


-Applecored  :D



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