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Whats your reason for wanting to cheat in rust?


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Alright I want to say this. I enjoy rust a lot. I found me a server that I enjoyed playing on. Had a group of 6 guys come to my base on a daily and raid it. I finally got it to a place where it became to expensive for them to raid. I also got better at hiding my look in a 1x1 in the middle of the world somewhere.  Then they just became annoying door campers. Griefing my base and doing what they could to make my gameplay hard. So after like 2 solid weeks of fighting them I made the decision to leave the server and find a new. I will get my sweet revenge on these fools and I will show them the same grief they showed me.

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3 minutes ago, NeakUp said:

I play a few games without cheating. Like overwatch and any console games.

almost forgot overwatchKappawhen i play with my close friends,i wont cheat in  the game,cuz if u got  game ban when u play with u close friends,that's embarrassment

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