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Are you a competent hacker?


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For hackers, I think you need to have excellent acting
1.Do you understand the detection method?
  What they track :
①Score per Minute (SPM)
② Kill Death Ratio (KDR)
③ Damage Per Shot (DPS)
④ Kills per Minute (KPM)
⑤ Accuracy (Of your Weapon)
⑥ Ranges on kills (Distance)
⑦Tracking Mouvement (GPS, your position on the map about other player position)
⑧ Aim Mouvement per frame (Can Detect Aimbot, because aimbot always move at the same speed, human aim can't)
⑨ Hit location on target (If you constantly do headshot, etc.)
⑩Tracking key you press (Exemple: If you keep spamming Insert while in-game, associated to cheat)
⑪Screenshot (Don't worry, hack can't show, its for gliching player, like people under map, etc.)
⑫ViewAngles (Where you look compared to other player)
   ( If you read the above said, you probably know how to avoid detection,But I still write my own point of view:)
2.  How to avoid detection, here some tips you can apply while your playing
① Don't track boxes and player through walls.
②Don't shoot enemy out of render range.
③Don't follow your enemy around the map.
 If you are a Sniper(Battlefield 1,3,4 ,csgo),You must pay attention to the following points:
①Don't scope at target you can't see without scope, why? because you can't do this if you don't have ESP on.
② Never shoot a target you can't see while scoped. Like a player behind tree, rock, etc.
 3.Besides, what should you pay attention to?
  I think that for the  players, don't use aimbot, but use auto shoot only. This is the secret that I haven't  been banned.  
 By the way, a legit player can't kill 2 people under 1 second, if you keep doing this you will be flagged and banned  fast!


  ------------- RoyalHuck Member : Score32

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