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When did people start cheating?


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Hello guys! 

Was wondering when you guys/girls started cheating? Me personally started at around the age 13 and I am 19 now, so I have been cheating for a while in a various of different games, was wondering if some of you just started or maybe started even earlier than I did? :-)

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I to started Cheating back in cs days. When you got caught they ban that account for 10 years. I will never forget the message that popped up. I was like 16 when I started cheating, I'm 33 now so let me get my abacus out. That makes it 17 years now. Lots of games.  I stopped for a long time when I went over to console because I didn't have a pc that could keep up with the games requirements.

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I started cheating when I was 13, I remember botting runescape for the first time, and I was so exited! Ever since then I started cheating in first person shooters such as CS and Unreal tournament. Now here I am, 18 and still cheating, and hopefully so for many years. It's a lot of fun and I honestly can't imagine games without it.

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