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Rust Review - Khione


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After spending some time with the cheat and using the functions i decided to make a review for it, here it goes:


 This is what every cheats aimbot should be like. With a bit of tweaking and caution you can seem to be like %100 legit. It will be hard to get banned except detections. You can choose to aim head, stomach or legs and it gives you options like drop correction. The only problem you can have is the situations when you have a bit ping, fix your connection and you will have a smooth aimbot. (For most cases)

 The only thing i don't like about it is the aiming of bows. When people are moving right to the left too many times it will have a hard time to hit them but aimbots are never meant to be fully serviceable with bows. You can easily make a revolver and dominate the server. (If you don't come across me B|)


 This is where this cheat is taking the upper hand. You have everything you expect from an ESP to present you. These things are but not limited to: Resources(Hemp, material yielding rocks, mushrooms...), players, loot crates, animals and many misc. objects.

 By the recent updates you have the option to set a distance. This will help you to maintain your visual sight along with your fps. 

Ladder Hack

 I know most of you want this cheat because of this function and the fast gather one. It satisfies your expectations well. Only thing i can complain is you can't get in to the buildings from window frames using this function.

Fast Gather - Deploy

  What can i say, even if you are a solo player you will make your base as fast as the army clans and drive them crazy. With tons of materials you gather you will also be making your base much much safer. This feature alone is worth the price. Using multiple tools will get you the best results.

Speed Hack

 Doesn't kick you from the game and you run faster, would you want more? You can also use uber speed but it's not recommended since you can get a ban fairly easier.

No Fall Damage

 Nothing too fancy about it, you don't get fall damage whatever the height you fall from. Works great but most people won't find it much usefull.


 The interface is simple yet very efficient. It takes literally 2 minutes to learn everything about it. You see all the features listed at the bottom side of your screen and you can open them in tabs, what would you want more? This is the best interface i've seen in any  cheat by far.


 The cheat is the best rust cheat out there. It's not perfect but it's really great. With hard work from devs and support from us will get this hack to the perfect stage. Let's support these guys and keep the donations coming when it's not a financial burden to us.


 Thank you all for reading my review and happy cheating!

Edited by khione
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