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CSGO Cheat Review!


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So its only my second day using black sector but I can already say its amazing :D

So here is my review!

  • Aimbot (10/10) - The aimbot is very good change change it a lot to make it more humanised and smooth and with the right settings it looks really legit.
  • Visuals (10/10) - the visuals are very nice  u can customise to your liking and I use chams its just simple to use :).
  • colour management 10/10 - Colour management is amazing, its just so easy to change and I love it :D.
  • radar 10/10 - The radar is great I love how u can move it anywhere and change the point size and range.
  • cross-hairs 10/10 - This is unique never seen this in a cheat i also fucking love it :D

so basically I love everything on this cheat haha.

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