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How to avoid having your main rust acc banned


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8 minutes ago, Soaplington said:

But according to Devblog 115, all related accounts will be banned

That's weird. I got like 5 accounts banned and my main is still clean (and i play on it). Maybe they are talking about the tracking and they only ban you if you are using a cheat.

But its better to stay safe.

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Just now, Soaplington said:

AnticheatGarry Newman

It’s obvious that our previous anticheat strategies aren’t working. Cheaters and Cheat makers have become accustomed to the routine and have learned how to coexist with it. We need to switch it up.

A good number of persistent cheaters have a main account alongside a string of accounts on which they cheat and expect to be banned. We can see these accounts, we can see how they’re used, how they benefit from the actions of your cheater accounts. Previously we’ve only banned accounts that were used for cheating; from now on if you’re caught we’ll ban all of your accounts.

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16 hours ago, Klasss said:

I have been cheating on many rust accounts that got banned and my main has never been hit. I don't know if im lucky but i think that they dont ban your main if you don't cheat on it.

If you play with cheat only in rust, then maybe you can keep several account stats without changing the MAC address and IP.

If you play other games with cheats, then Steam accounts should not be linked.

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