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So I was curious to why I don't see any H1Z1 cheats in any hacking forums i visit. Is their game pretty hard to crack? I'm just curious because with how glitchy that game is, I bet it would be semi-impossible to detect someone is cheating. Also it seems to be one of the hottest games and it is only growing in popularity with the 300k tournament coming around. Obviously people seem to know something I don't so if anyone could inform me that was be amazing. Thanks :)

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22 minutes ago, banek192 said:

The only reason is game anticheat. Its BattlEye and its much better then FF,VAC,PB and etc. So any cheat that can be easy purchased are always #1 priority for detection.

Yeah I figured as much, which is primarily why i didn't want to try any other site that wasn't an invite private. I'm pretty surprised a game like H1z1 is the game to have Battleeye  and not a game more popular like CSGO

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12 minutes ago, Baixb said:

nice,would like to try :)

We are still discovering the game actually.

Will be possible to try in BETA, way later.


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Just now, Slowie33 said:

Does to gonna be for Just survive or KOTK? Thanks :)


I guess it won't be too hard to handle compatibility between both as they are the same game actually but we will go for KOTK, mainly, Just Survive should be supported aswell.

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21 hours ago, UnstucK said:

About H1Z1, we will support that game soon.

I honestly think you would see the amount of people on the site increase dramatically if you had one for H1z1 for better and worse. Of course with popularity comes Good and bad people. I would instantly buy the hack though because I love that game so much. 

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