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hwid ban


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2 hours ago, Jaydenss said:

your fucked. i have been hwid banned since last year (MAY) and i have tried everything buddy new ssd's new NIC new mac new PERM mac new windows new cpu new gpu new ip everything AND STILL HWID BANNED so only chance you got bud is new pc or a spoofer MADE for rust HWID bans 

i got working hwid spoof/GPU ID spoof also. 

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On 7/5/2018 at 3:03 PM, memware said:

so i was banned from rust a week ago and i want to play legit now and im not sure how to get past the hwid ban and im not sure if there is an ip ban i heard about a spoofer but not sure were to get one if someone could plz help me i would be very thank full does rust also do ip bans


rust bans ip i suggest using a vpn, you can buy premium nordvpn accounts cheap here [link removed] and they ban more then just your hard drive hwid. So dont go buy a new hard drive to test the theory i already tried this and still got banned.


Hw02 was working on a spoofer for rust all you can really do is wait for him to release or find an outside source that has a spoofer. i have a few sources with some but im not sure if im allowed to put them out there so i wont. P.s they're not free

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