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Sea of Thieves (CHEAP)


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If you are interested in the game `Sea of Thieves` here is a `guide` how to get it for cheap. (And more games)
*To make clear, this is fully legit and legal*

Via Microsoft
Step 1: Open Microsoft Store
Step 2: Type in you search term: Xbox Game Pass
Step 3: Buy the Xbox Game Pass for now 1 euro, later it will be 10 euro) [Sale right now]
Step 4: Once bought you can go and install it.
*Remember you need to rebuy the Xbox Game Pass every month*

Via any game selling site
Step 1: Go the any game selling site
Step 2: Search for: Xbox Game Pass
Step 3: Buy the pass for probarly 1,50 euro a month. (Cheaper then via Microsoft)
Step 4: You got a key in your mail or on the site.
Step 5: Go to Microsoft Store.
Step 6: Search: Xbox Game Pass
Step 7: Press on `Use code` or anything like that.
Step 8: Put in the code you bought from any game selling site
Step 9: You recieved the Xbox Game Pass
Step 10: Download the game and any more games

*This way of getting it free can always change, im not responsible if it goes wrong or if it doesn't work anymore*

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