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Cheat looks good to me so far, would probably just buy the Aimbot feature as I don't need anything else. I was just wondering what anticheats does this bypass, apart from VAC, obviously. I mean anticheats like ESEA, CEVO, Faceit, Faceit Client etc... I'll make my decision whether to buy based on what it bypasses, thank you :)

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ESEA will probably never be sold publicly by RH for obvious reasons.

FaceIT server-side A/C bypass may come soon.

CEVO also has a potential of being taken down by the RH team(if the anti-cheat is even popular, like.. who uses CEVO anymore lawl?)

EAC is also something that could be done.

FaceIT client is told to be like ESEA or damn near close to it, so that'll probably not get sold. Though my word shouldn't be taken for it, and they'll probably end up checking it out.


Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I seen the thread and forgot to reply.

Maybe UnstucK or how02 will clear some stuff up. :)

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