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Aimbot: Okay first of all i have tried many p2c providers mostly searching for aimbot for legit play. I have spent alot of money on alot of providers and let me tell you, this $6.00 aimbot beats them ALL. This cheat is so well made that i (with my crappy pc) don't lose any fps (while with others i get from 50-60 fps max). I only play legit so i don't know about rage, but this is simply the best, smoothest aimbot ever. I heard that BlackSector devs have alot of years of experience and this cheats shows it. 10/10

Visuals are okay to have but i don't use it very often. 10/10

Triggerbot not using but tried it works very well. 10/10

Bhop and autopistol work great. 10/10

Bind manager amazing.

Color manager not using.

Radar is great.

Menu is also amazing and unique.

I have to say i wish i found this cheat first i simply love it. If you're looking for legit aimbot and high performance cheat you will not be disappointed.

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