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So I've been using the CS:GO cheat for awhile now, since beta, and I have to say, my favorite legit cheat by far!


Aimbot ~

Reliability: 9/10 - The aimbot seems to be reliable and looks really legit with proper settings, things such as flicks and such don't always hit precisely (aim after shoot is what it seems to me) but it's when playing legit.

Legitbot: 9/10 - Would rate it a perfect 10/10 if there was some form of aimbot delaying, aim after X bullets / X milliseconds. Another feature that would be really useful is "Chest aim after X shots." This would help you after attempting to spray for the head for a prolonged amount of time to still be able to kill the enemy and not look fishy. What I love most is that the smoothing isn't a simple division formula, the "aimstep" like function is what I enjoy the most as it's a constant speed that doesn't slow down when near the "target" angles. 

An feature I'd like to see would be "momentum," where if you're moving your view to the right, and the target angles are to the left, it wont aim to the right and cause unrealistic jitters/flicks. This would really be useful for deagle flicks/awp flicks. Just something I had in mind.


Ragebot: 6/10 - RH for CS:GO isn't meant for rage but when you want to play blatant it works enough! :)


Targeting: 10/10 - If I want to unrealistically flick at someone or spray down a stack, the aimbot has always targeted the intended person. I haven't targeted a wrong person and messed up my flicks at all yet, and I have to say that's pretty impressive.


~ Visuals ~

Player ESP: 9/10 - Does what it needs to do, box esp would be cool.


Nade ESP: 9/10 It does what it needs to do, one cool option would be to show you the trajectories kind of like ***ware does. A must feature in my opinion is to keep the smoke grenade text after the smoke has disappeared. It's useful when going to peek/pre fire someone who's far but can't tell if there's a smoke in between you and them or not. https://streamable.com/82f8s


C4 & Weapon ESP: 10/10 Can't make it any better :P


What I'd like to see is chams. It helps you see people better and is a great visuals options for those who don't want walls/esp when the player is not visible.

Also a "force spotted" for the radar would be cool, but I have the radar scaled perfectly so it's fine :P 

~ Triggerbot ~

From the few times I've used it, I have to rate it a 9/10.


~ Misc ~

Bunnyhop: 7/10 - Needs more "humanizing." My suggestion for bunny hop is to add are miss after X hops, and miss % chance.


Crosshair Selector: 6/10 - Needs more customization in my opinion. It'd be cooler if you guys added an actual crosshair maker with more options than what a CS:GO crosshair can do. I.E. Visualize spread/recoil, move with recoil, etc.


Local Player: 2/10 - Don't see the use in this to be honest, it'd be cooler if there was a "player" tab where you can prioritize/ignore people. Would add more use to that tab to be honest than just a local player.


Managers: 9/10 - Does what they're supposed to do. Would be cool to have a "theme" manager for the GUI ;)


~ Conclusion ~


The cheat is an overall 9/10 for me. I'll definitely be sticking around for future cheats.


Also a cool thing would be to add a promoter/advertiser rank as I like making videos & getting some cheats in return would be pretty spice! FeelsGoodManKappa

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