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How to get into the rust cheat?


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Hey Everyone,


I know that the rust cheat is currently down and won't be back up for a while which is fine but when / if it does come back up how would I go about getting invited into the rust cheat? (if it is still invite only) I've been trying to find legit hacks for a while and have gotten game banned by a couple and want something like BlackSector are offering. I have seen the reviews and videos and the cheat honestly looks great. I read that you have to be active on the forums and discord but there isn't a discord anymore so have the requirements changed? Also what was the price for the cheat before it went offline? If anyone could answer that it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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The Rust users are mainly old customers of the cheat, when it was available to purchase, who have just extended their subscription until now. It is not for sale at the moment

As you have joined Blacksector just a few days ago, so just wait for the news about Rust as all the usual customers do. 

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