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y0, here is my review!


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From now i am with BlackSector community and will be staying here for a loooong time.In general, cheat is nice but it is raw, needs a lot to improve.

Aimbot: 9.0/10

Easy to configure, really legit looking, has some advanced settings.I created simple legit config for like 10 mins so the only thing i need not is to adjust it a bit. I`d like to see more unique advanced settings,aslo standalone RCS is missing.I really like the aimbot itself

Visuals(esp): 10\10

Has everything it needs, looks sexy

Triggerbot: 10\10

I don`t use it much but it is quite customizable. Maybe triggeraim could be added for perfection

Misc: 4\10

Really poor functionality - No autostrafe which is the worst thing, autopistol should be moved to aim section.

Skinchanger: 8\10

I have skins duplicates in skin list, skins are not filtered for weapons they just mixed up, i want to see only existing skins for certain weapon, so i couldn`t apply skin which doesn`t exist for this weapon.Needs glove changer


Color manager and bind manager are really cool.


I give them 1000000 faggots of 10, love them, happy to see familiar faces from..you know from where, especially VIRTUS.

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