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  1. Krull

    TF2 Hack

    So projectile prediction does not drop FPS, you are right, but its also VERY buggy, maybe i have configured it wrong? But the FOV didn't seem to matter, if anything, it just made me shoot at people behind me, with an fov of 60, changing the humanizing options made a difference but some help with a config would be appreciated. Also, where do i go to add some suggestions? Like auto rocket jump so that you don't have to worry about mistiming the jump/crouch (I know i can write a simple ahk script for that but for ease adding it to the hack would be better), also an FOV slider, and for some reason the Aimbot for snipers seems to be buggy, hitting noscopes works perfectly, but scoped shots miss most times. Again, could be something wrong that i did, im not used to hacks that the humanizing options and stuff that this one does.
  2. Krull

    TF2 Hack

    So, I am interested in the TF2 hack, I just have a question or 2. How much does this draw from my PC? Projectile aimbot usually uses quite a lot from my PC (Usually dropping from 120fps to 30fps), also, is the aimbot affected by fps drops? And how long has this cheat been around without detection, and when was the last time it got detected?
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