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    Since after first time I use PayPal for buying the spoofer, I keep use reseller/partner services to renew the spoofer monthly. I do not know what BSS team doing, it is already been couple of months now, still PayPal issues never been fixed. When ask the only option they gave me, deal with reseller/partner(which I did) or through BTC (which I do not have/do not even know how to use to begin with). Now even my usual reseller/partner (which is @banek192 which is I vouch him/her for the services) have problem with his/her PayPal, he/she gave me other option which by bank card or Skrill, both not work for me because my country do not support the option. So right now, I call for @how02 and co. to help me resolve the issues, I need to my spoofer to be renew.
  2. Restart PC or create a new profile. All good for me when I did that.
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