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  1. So for some people the spoofer itself is DETECTED, which CAUSES ban not them being HWID banned already and for some it is UNDETECTED?
  2. The spoofer shows EAC Status as unknown, I would like to know that as I am currently not HWID banned from any EAC games, If I were to use the spoofer on an EAC game like fortnite for example, would I get banned due to the spoofer being detected on EAC or out of bad luck the spoofing for EAC won't work, which still wont result in a ban for me as im not hwid banned in the first place. - The reason I want to purchase the spoofer is to prevent FUTURE hwid bans if I do decide to cheat and I would like to always be spoofed for EAC and BE games. I don't want to purchase the Spoofer, spoof, then get EAC banned as the spoofer is DETECTED which would then result in my actual HWID getting blacklisted. - So what im asking in simple terms are, is it detected on EAC for some people, or does it not just spoof for some people. Will it prevent EAC bans? I hope you understand what I mean lmao. Thanks.
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