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  1. Spoofer is never meant for VAC secured games such as CSGO, it was designed for BE/EAC games such as Rust, PUBG, Apex Legends. But currently it's detected for both EAC and BE. You can check the status here (https://blacksector.solutions/cheats-status/). You can use it on Rust once it's undetected again.
  2. https://blacksector.solutions...-names-of-pubg-item-filters/ Have a nice day.
  3. cyn

    pubg hack

    Sales of UNKNOWN/DETECTED cheats (https://blacksector.solutions/cheats-status/) are disabled. Sales will be opened if PUBG goes UD again.
  4. cyn


    Hello dear community, I have a simple question before I go ahead and buy the spoofer. Does the spoofer work for Apex and Fortnite? Is it currently detected or safe to use? Should I wait or buy the spooofer right now?
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