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  1. Okay so only devs can login on fp official with admin right? Today I had a crepy encounter with “SAMO” something, an admin on rustopia, who hounded me and followed me in game, making abusive comments and saying my gf he heard on a mic sounds “hot” etc and finally killed me with spawned rocketlauncher. Creepy as fuck and i dont wanan humans to spy on my gameplay and mic in game. Thx for feedback!
  2. I have been doing some research and the info i gathered is suggesting that facepunch official servers do not have human admins, contrary to what a person here has wrotten (fp servers have really inactive admins). Can anyone confirm this please? edit: so far i have gathered that there are 2 subtypes of the so called rust “officals” : facpunch officials, and the rest (those that were asked to become oficials by facepunch like rustipia rustafied etc- whose users are enjoying closet admin abuse).
  3. Reagrding 3. I had an account with rustafied manual ban, and moved to reddit/playrust without any spoofing or router reset, and was banned there for ban evasion. So they do share ban info? Thanks for clarifications, new to this “officials with administrators” thing. As i loathe human administrators on ofdicial vanilla servers in games, as i believe all that is human is inevitably corrupt and can abuse, can you name me types of rust official servers with no human admins?
  4. Okay so I am rather new to rust scene and i ave some questions regarding the ways bans are conneted across official servers. As I noticed, unlike all other games, RUST offers official servers WITH damn moderators. For example, Rsutafied employ moderators (who are not allowed to play game on their mod account), and once you are reported, it takes a few hours until those server ban you. Now, once banned, you can not go to rustafied servers, that much is clear (unless you new account, change ip and spoof everything). so I know these are NOT VAC bans nor EA
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