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  1. Hello I am trying to pay using paypal, I have purchased from you before with the same paypal, but this time as soon as I log into pay it says my card was rejected, however I just payed for my netflix just before I wanted to pay for blacksector so I have no idea why it would reject for blacksector but not netflix, are you guys having issues with paypal today? or is it on my end?
  2. Hey I've been a customer for a few months now, however since August or something I have been waiting for the cheat status for PUBG to go back to safe, was wondering has there been any advancements? because the past couple of months there seems to have been an issue every other week looking at the cheat status
  3. Great video but Btw Legit hacking means no aimbot
  4. creepyboy

    PUBG Review

    Sorry I was travelling! I had it for a week! I do recommend it! (Sorry was away for a month) Thank you
  5. creepyboy

    PUBG Review

    Aimbot [7/10] (Until it is fixed) Sniping works perfectly Full Auto Works perfectly only when it is on the stomach/chest, if it is on the head everything after the 2nd or 3rd bullet will miss. From what I read this will be fixed. ESP [8/10] The ESP Is Beautiful it is extremely customisable. My Only issue with it is that you have to add the items to a blacklist that you don't want to see, this causes some issues such as if you want QuickDraw Mag not to show it also Removes Ext.QuickDraw even if you put QuickDraw (AR, DMR) - This can be improved on by instead of having a blacklist and manually adding the items, a checklist should be added to tick and untick the stuff you don't want to show. Grenade ESP [10/10] This is one of the best features. Safety - I can't rate this yet, I will determine how safe it is after 1 month of using it everyday by 3 methods - 1 account will be ESP/Legit play only and 1 account will be aimbot at certain times and 1 account would be full on aimbot mania. I would love a HWID Spoofer to be built into the cheat itself rather than downloading it (I still didnt use the HWID spoofer as I cant download it since its not available at the moment) Spectator Warning - I love this as it allows me to adjust my playstyle when people are watching. Radar - While I appreciate it and helps me keep an eye on things, I would prefer it to be replaced with a Minimap/Map ESP so that the dots/players are shown on the map and minimap. Streaming - I havent tested that yet and I am unsure even how to make it streamable Overall I would give this an [8/10] and if they fix they aimbot and add the minimap/map esp I would give this a [9/10] and if I can determine it being very safe ie undetected for a while then [10/10]
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