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  1. What's not in the text This cheat is heavy In order to use this cheat, your computer may need to have good specs The specification of my computer Rizen 1700, gtx1060 6gb, 16gb ram When I use this cheat I lose a lot of frames
  2. First of all, I apologize that my English is not very kind to reading this article before reading this review I have written this review from a user perspective This review contains a lot of my personal thoughts Overall evaluation of PUBG blacksector [8/10] No product can give 100% satisfaction to all users It is also the PUBG blacksector (Hereafter, cheat) But this cheat is very attractive Many options can be changed by the user (Of course you can not change all the options of PUBG) If you are using this cheat for the first time, you may need to spend some time setting up If you do not want to invest time in setting up This cheat is powerful even when used with the original settings But I recommend you spend a little time and use it as your setting (Just like a pro with his settings for 1 second or 1 fps) Overall I gave this cheat 8 points I think that if I can evaluate what I can not evaluate now, my score will be higher AIMBOT [9/10] The aimbot performance of this cheat is very good You can freely set up prediction, prioritization, striking area setting, and humanizer setting of aimbot with good bass performance A spectator watching you, Death Cam, Replay You can make everything look like a slaughtering machine. You can make it look like a player like Ranker. You can show them what you want to see ITEM ESP [9/10] Guns, parts, armor, air drops and vehicles You can see the location of everything You can also blacklist things you do not need You may only need to see whitelist You can see the grenade's trajectory. This gives you a very favorable position for combat. PLAYER ESP [7/10] Show required information Armed, how far apart, HP You can guess what you're doing with the skeleton and the box. But it would be better if you could see if several players were on the same team It's not just the color of the enemy's nameplate hiding in the wall If the color of the skeleton changes It will be even easier Additional functions, ETC OBS Bypass [10/10] This works perfectly It makes no problem when I need to stream Radar [8/10] It would be better if you could adjust the size of the radar For example, if you have a radar of the same size as the mini-map, Without turning the screen In which building are the enemies hiding You can see exactly where the enemy hides. Safety [I can not rate this] All cheat injected accounts Eventually it will ban over time However, because I want to use one account for a long time, I make and evaluate this item But because I used this cheat for a short time I can not rate this item right now Post-purchase manager's service [I can not rate this] This item also I used this cheat for a short time I can not rate this item right now But about the error that occurred in one day The administrator how02 It seems as if he or she is doing their best to solve the problem when they are online Update rate [I can not rate this] This item also I used this cheat for a short time I can not rate this item right now This is all about my current review I am currently satisfied with the use of this cheat. If you are hesitant to purchase because there is no video or review of the use of this cheat recently I am not an administrator As a user I recommend this cheat to you You will have a very wonderful experience. Items that I did not evaluate after a month or two If you do, you'll get a higher score. I look forward to giving this cheat more than 9 points. Thank you for reading a very long article.
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