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  1. i used someone elses paypal with a bank acc attached and it worked
  2. TRying to renew my sub for spoofer but when i click pay it takes me to paypal and says I dont have a payment method. It also wont let me add my card that SHOULD be there. when i just go to paypal.com and look it says i have a card on file as preferred payment.... but when i got to purchase thru the site it then says i dont have a payment method... anyone else experience this issue?
  3. bss spoofer creates profiles. when you create a new profile it randomizes all your hwid, but when you use that profile again it will spoof to those same id's. you can create and randomize profiles whenever you want. You can also view your original id's anytime in the launcher to be sure everything spoofed correctly. unfortunately the spoofer causes fps drop for most people though.
  4. it says version 10.0.17134 build 17134
  5. It works for rust. 99% of the time.
  6. I wanted to wait a while to review this to make sure it worked consistently. I've been using the spoofer for a couple weeks now and it was a little confusing at first but after a little help its very simple. From the moment I first used it I was able to play rust after being HWID banned. The login server was down one day but other than that small hiccup the spoofer has been absolutely flawless. Best of all its VERY cheap. Would recommend to anyone.
  7. pretty sure you should be fine untill you restart. the server is just for login/security.
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