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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. Timmy

    hwid spoofer Being detected

    Im just open hwid spoofer
  2. Hwid欺骗者只能持续1小时,你可以改善吗?
  3. Timmy

    RENEWAL rust cheat

    I will pay when I get off work at night.
  4. Timmy

    RENEWAL rust cheat

    It's ok,ty
  5. I have been using your cheat all the time,Until I was BAN got HWID,I tried a lot of methods and even wrote to EAC but I still didn't solve it,I waited for 3 months,You finally finished HWID spoofer,I want to go back to rust, I want to RENEWAL rust cheat Please ty!!!
  6. Timmy

    HWID Ban Question

    Now ban is gpu and cpu You can also play on a new computer
  7. Timmy

    Who has HWID spoofer

    EAC replied to me I opened a new topic in the consumer area. Have them reply to my content
  8. I have been waiting for a long time and you have not responded to my email.You can ban the use of cheat account.But you are banned not using cheat accounts.This is a violation of the Consumer Protection Law.And my ban is called HWID ban, is to record my hardware information, and then ban all my accounts.You have violated my privacy. im in Europe. Under the rule "GDPR" https://gdpr-info.eu/ Kapitel 3,artikel17 i want you to send me all the data you have about my, and then to remove it from your sy stem.And lifted the ban on my account.Thank you I sent this message to EAC. Do you think it works?
  9. Timmy

    Who has HWID spoofer

    Three days have passed,EAC Still have not replied to my mail,I will continue to send them emails and warn them that they have invaded my computer without my consent, infringe on my privacy, and also recorded my computer information.
  10. Timmy

    Who has HWID spoofer

    hope @how2 can be completed soon.
  11. Timmy

    Who has HWID spoofer

    Wait for reply
  12. Timmy

    Who has HWID spoofer

    im win10

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