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Rust cheat

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On 2/11/2018 at 5:37 AM, RamX1 said:

Hello everyone

I purchased and used 02 rust cheat

Aimbot = How 02's aimbot is very accurate as it has predictions 

Esp = ESP is the best thing I can see and the skeleton is the best

ESP = Player Resource Loot Animal Trap Other

Misc = Clear Vision: This feature is useful because rusty night is very dark! 

Misc = No Fall damage: Even if it falls from a high place it will not suffer damage. good!

Misc = No Recoil: This function eliminates recoil of weapons. It is also useful when using AImbot!

Misc =Because I hate swimming, water hack is very good. This function is essential as the cave is buried in water

Speed hack can be moved very easily It is convenient when hack vs. hack


Crosshair = Good!

Location marker = location marker is useful when looking for a house

Radar = radar is very useful when you can not see the surroundings

I'm not good at English. I am  using translationsO.o sorry!5a7fb5bf72f9b_RUSTScreenshot2018_02.11-11_39_25_49.thumb.png.eab15351f2854b7d85d206205ea73248.png5a7fb5d22c7e1_RUSTScreenshot2018_02.11-11_39_29_24.thumb.png.2135e9c6d7e63ea4e10e1ce47d32b126.png5a7fb5aacbb96_RUSTScreenshot2018_02.11-11_51_30_85.png.0b7837802b7999bf4c1703aa713c0df0.png5a7faec527ec9_RUSTScreenshot2018_02.11-11_45_18_99.png.daed1483dde2c8bed5642bdfb3bfa466.png5a7fabca2fe49_RUSTScreenshot2018_02.11-11_34_29_31.thumb.png.28d9fe4001759cb19031727bb930f5cb.png

How much does it cost when applications are open?

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