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  1. To be able to cheat without any visuals showing, you have to record the game and not the screen. Remember to turn off chams for CS:GO. (This should also work with xSplit they just have a different setting) This: *Make sure "Capture third-party overlays" is unchecked.* Or *Make sure "Capture third-party overlays" is unchecked.* Not this:
  2. Not sure how many of you are playing solo for the fun of solo, I would like to play to win with some other "(PEs) performance enhancement users." I'm speaking of MM; any number is excellent, of course, a full team would be helpful for many reasons. I've got above average skill in FPS games getting back into CS with GO and planning to play to learn it right (minus some PE) I'm open to sorting it privately by Comp Ranks or whatever you're willing to play/carry. I don't think playing with a GE would make sense for me unless they are teacher types and want to make chill convo/friends.
  3. CSGO cheat is amazing and funny. Also, it is incredible when activate the triggerbot in pistol rounds. PROS: - Easy to use - Aimbot seems legit - Cheap - It is NOT a scam, is 100% legit cheat - Undetectable in MM or by VAC - Full-screen mode CONS: - Could have more misc options; such as, fake lag. - Can not pay with credit cards This are the fastest PROS and CONS that come to mind. 100% recommended
  4. i want to buy csgo full but my paypal only this site can not be used What should I do?
  5. Lots of people got VAC banned. Apparently 3 popular and well know paid cheats got detected. Some confirmation https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/9/1755771924545736677/#c1755771924546353002 Anyone know which cheats got detected?
  6. Discord: hakerman$$#1337
  7. Hello, I have been using Blacksector Solutions for CS:GO for roughly 6 months. This review is very overdue and I explain why in this thread. If you want a tl;dr, this is my favourite software for CS:GO and I love the community. I plan on purchasing 3 months, then 12 months when the winter sales are on (if this happens again this year). I have used some other major cheats prior to this and some semi-private. Thanks for reading in advance! Graphics are by flow: https://blacksector.solutions/topic/2294-graphic-corner/ I really like the aimbot. It provides a very strong but subtl
  8. Hi,Can you provide CS:GO Private Cheat for Third Party Matchmaking (Faceit/ESEA/SoStronk/CEVO)?I have been playing on 3 of the Third Party Matchmaking Servers for quite a long time but now a days cheaters over there have also increased simultaneously as compared to the Valve's Official Servers.I need CS:GO private cheat to fight against those cheaters in Third Party MM Platforms.Please help me.Thanks in advance.
  9. Videos of the black sector that I have created so far This video is a My blacksector Rust hack video I have created so far. I have not been able to create video because I can't Play Rust now, when the blacksector's Rust hack was updated I will create a better Rust hack video! If this topic is good, give me Like or upvote enjoy the my video I love Rust hack, I hope that t
  10. Hello, I am currently thinking about buying the CS:GO software once again, however, has there been any feature updates since April? I kind of get bored sometimes when using this. Sorry if I am asking a stupid question.
  11. I've been using this on csgo so far so good. What's the safest way to cheat? Are ESPs only safer than aimbotting?
  12. As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become free to play, we've chosen to reduce our pricing. The Full version now only cost 8€ per month instead of 12€, and Aimbot/Esp versions cost now 5€ per month. Our product has also been updated to support the new Danger Zone mode, as you can see below:
  13. Does it support SMAC, faceit server side AC etc. ? Thx
  14. Not sure if i'm about to answer my own question but why is it that the CSGO cheat is much cheaper than PUBG or Rust? Is it because CS cheats are easier to make or more common? IMO I think the CS cheat is a good price but I think that Rust should be around 20 USD. I also understand why it would be around 40 USD since Rust hacks are harder to create and have a good undetected cheat.
  15. This is the first Black Sector's cheat I have purchased, was surprised with the Launcher, simple to use, basically everyone can understand it. I purchased the CSGO Cheat this morning and have used all of its features and haven't been banned so far, but my experience so far with this cheat is positive, I clearly like the ESP, especially the stick manned ESP boxes, I'm still trying to figure out how the Aimbot but it is great whatsoever. ESP: 8/10 AIMBOT: 5/10, (Haven't used it sfull potential as of yet(Struggling abit but i'll get there eventually ) The overall design for th
  16. Hope you guys enjoy Was a fun little edit, you want anything edited pm me Let me know what you think (Had to reupload because, logo was messed up)
  17. BLACK SECTORS:CSGO REVIEW Initial Login Black Sector's UI for initialization for the cheat it extremely user friendly, Easy to read/understand. The "Hack List" when selecting an existing subscription with a cheat that you have purchased gives you information to help you and if needed help an admin/moderator Lists your Directory, When your subscription to the cheat began and when it will end, so you have a perfect idea of how long you have left before.... You of course resub. Injecting... Extremely easy. Select wanted cheat "CS-GO Full" Inject, and open game. Even is ki
  18. Firstly, I have 4 accounts that i use the hack on so that might be helping me but i sort of doubt it. All accounts are still up and running great after almost a full month of Mild to Medium Hacking The cheat is insanely customization and i find myself tweaking it every game, especially the FOV if im having an off game etc. I try to stay away from anything over 1.5 Fov as it looks too obvious especially at a distance but the cheat has still been helping me out immensely. I have not gotten over watched or anything after in-view only esp (i dont actually like using full esp because i w
  19. so i changed the skin of my knife and i want to know how to get it back to the default knife
  20. For how long do I have the hack if I buy the Full version?
  21. When was the last time your csgo cheat detected? How many times has it been detected? When was your csgo cheat released?
  22. xxposed


    Hello. Im really thinking about buying this cheat (CS:GO). Can I get some fps drops while using the cheat or no? Also do I need to use an USB? Thank you.
  23. so i finshed my first edit after one year break. was hard to get into it again but i think it looks okay. what do you guys think?
  24. I posted the video with the csgo cheat =D
  25. Any reasonable configs that you guys can give? Thanks
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