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  1. tutu

    PUBG ESP Review

    Using only ESP version ESP: Pros: 1. ESP won't flick or flash like any other cheats do. 2. The most powerful is you could fully customize the filter. Easily choose what you want to see and what you dont want to see. 3. See what's inside the airdrop. 4. Player skeleton allows you to know what the enemy is doing.(prone, taking first aid etc.) 5. Visible check is the most useful function to let you play legit. Cons: 1. Airdrop not visible if it is more than about 1500 meters. 2. Doesn't have a distance filter. 3. It takes 1~3 secs to let the items pop up on the screen. Below is my recent rank
  2. @Lysdahlthat would be great. I really need a hwid spoofer
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