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  1. Can I change the part of the head to the forehead?Because I often miss the enemy because now the target is the mouth is very uncomfortable !
  2. I bought a daily rental card from a dealer, and after using it for an hour, I logged in again and was told that my device ID was incorrect.I asked my reseller and he said he changed the computer IP because of my VPN problem.But my friend told me that the dealer had swallowed my key
  3. 我从一个经销商那里买了一张每日租赁卡,使用了一个小时后,我再次登录,并被告知我的设备ID是不正确的。我问我的经销商,他说他改变了电脑IP,因为我的VPN问题。但我朋友告诉我毒贩吞了我的钥匙
  4. When can I buy jedi survival cheat?
  5. I use Jedi to survive deception, which is a normal and safe use. How can I keep buying Jedi to cheat? I like your work very much, but there are two things I think need to improve. I hope the Jedi cheating on survival will discolor the bones of the bunker test. The self aiming area can be changed to the forehead because it is now the mouth
  6. 我用绝地求生欺骗,这是正常和安全的使用。我现在怎么能继续买绝地求生作弊呢?我非常喜欢你的工作,但有两件事我认为需要改进。我希望绝地求生的作弊会使掩体测试的骨头变色。自我瞄准区域可以改变到额头,因为它现在是嘴.
  7. I want to buy pubg cheat, how to buy?
  8. 我在哪里能买到这个?
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