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  1. Shut down your PC. Wait 5-10 seconds. Turn it back on. - Your PC is now back at default state. If you still have problems, go into "services.msc". Click on "startup type" to organize them. Scroll down till you see "disabled". Right click them, click properties, change to automatic. Once all are done, Shutdown, wait 5-10 seconds. Turn PC back on. You should be good. This is all I know, sorry.
  2. I am mostly interested in EFT. Is the spoofer currently working for this game? Also if you could maybe list the game(s) supported by the Spoofer currently, that would be cool <3 I see a few people using it for Apex etc. Would be nice to have 1 topic for people to look at and see what games are currently supported. Thanks <3
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