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  1. So, I remember this tread distinctively. My accounts are still undetected, however; the cheat has been down for a long time. So, to awaken a dead thread; will this thing ever be back up?
  2. If all the sudden the cheats are being discovered, on multiple platforms, around the same time, than the threat is very much from within.
  3. My stream, everyone else is using cheats, it's almost like; if you're not cheating, it's not worth playing pubg at this point.
  4. Oh, I thought my subscription ran out.
  5. Yeah PUBG is going through a banwave
  6. JUST BANNED BY STEAM IN MIDDLE OF PLAYING - I don't use aimbot, only ESP
  7. None, thats how they ban though, its never just one account, they identify the cheat -- probably buy it themselves, reverse engineer it, find markers for the cheats, and then do mass bans every couple months. I've got a previous ban, not from this hack, I was using the radar cheat via VPN.
  8. sh34p


    Nevermind, figured it out, needed to link bank sorry
  9. I'm attempting to renew my subscription via Paypal, however; your payment system isn't allowing me to pay that way?
  10. It always comes in waves, spoof HWID/VPN/Throw away account
  11. Maybe he's saving you guys from a detection? I got 8 days for my "7 Day Trail".
  12. ill role with you, since we both understand we're cheaters lol -- I hate playing with other cheaters who sware they're legit
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