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  1. sh34p


    Yeah PUBG is going through a banwave
  2. JUST BANNED BY STEAM IN MIDDLE OF PLAYING - I don't use aimbot, only ESP
  3. None, thats how they ban though, its never just one account, they identify the cheat -- probably buy it themselves, reverse engineer it, find markers for the cheats, and then do mass bans every couple months. I've got a previous ban, not from this hack, I was using the radar cheat via VPN.
  4. sh34p


    Nevermind, figured it out, needed to link bank sorry
  5. sh34p


    I'm attempting to renew my subscription via Paypal, however; your payment system isn't allowing me to pay that way?
  6. It always comes in waves, spoof HWID/VPN/Throw away account
  7. Maybe he's saving you guys from a detection? I got 8 days for my "7 Day Trail".
  8. ill role with you, since we both understand we're cheaters lol -- I hate playing with other cheaters who sware they're legit
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