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  1. Blacksector Solutions is the best pubg cheat I've been using for a long time, I have no permanent ban only 24 hours (but this can be circumvented with a account with lot of hours played [150~200 hours]) my considerations: Pros: -No bans (Except 24 hours) -Customizable Wallhack (I can make binds for weapon i like White List) -Good aimbot (I recommend 1.9 fov visibleck check off and Chest Pelvis and Head) - I can ghost easily (Add a streamer's name as a friend and put the color I want) Cons: - Low fps (Without cheat 160~200fps, with cheat 60~90fps) - Binds a little buggy (I need to press ins to toggle off menu, press 1 activate m4 and press ins again to see if it enable) - Price (For me I'm Brazilian 80 euros a month is very expensive) 80 euros = 388BRL = 1/3 of the minimum wage Final Considerations: Worth it? Worth, but fixing the problems would be even better
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